The simple answer is no.  If you have a PayPal Subscription setup, you have authorized PayPal to automatically transfer the payment amount to CyberLynk.  We cannot ask them to transfer funds to us from your account; they have to have your authorization which was given when you setup the subscription.

I received an invoice from CyberLynk with the payment method showing as PayPal but the invoice is showing as unpaid?

CyberLynk generates invoices usually about a week before they are due.  That invoice is unpaid until we receive the subscription payment from PayPal, if you log in and pay the invoice using PayPal manually, the subscription will still process its normal payment resulting in two payments being processed.

PayPal Subscriptions do not look to see if the invoice has already been paid; it will process the payment as you have requested it to do.  If you log in and pay the invoice manually and then the subscription pays the invoice, a credit for the second payment amount will appear on your account.  That credit is automatically applied to the next invoice when it is generated but will not affect the payment sent to us from PayPal.


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