In this tutorial you will need to have your [FTP Server Instructions] email you received at signup.


  1. Click on the URL for your FTP server.
  2. At the FTP Hosting Control Panel login page enter your domain name, Username, Password, and click Enter Control Panel.

  3. Before Adding a New User, you will Create the folder that user will have access to. Click on Folder Manager.

  4. Enter the name of the folder that you will associate the new user with.

  5. Next you will create your New user. Click on Add User.

  6. Enter the Username, and Password for the New user you are creating. Enter the email address for the new user so they can receive the Welcome email with login instructions. Click Continue to step 2.

  7. At this step you will select the folder that the User that you just created has access to. The default Folder Path is \root meaning this provides access to all folders on your FTP Server to this user. Click on Select Path to select the folder you want to associate with this user.

  8. Click on the new folder you just created.

  9. After selecting the new folder, it will show in the folder path. Click on FINISH – Map Directory.

  10. You will now see your FTP User has access to Folder Path: \root\Customer1. Click on Continue to Step 3.

  11. If you wish to create a User Folder Select the box. To complete the New User creation click Create FTP Account.

  12. Your New User account has been created.



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