•   11-17-2020 4:12 PM

1. Open your outlook app on your PC.

2. Navigate to your Account Information page by clicking on File in the upper left of the window.

3. Click on Add account.

4. Enter your email address and select the Advanced options arrow to select “Let me set up my account manually”. Click Connect.


5. Select one of the two options for the mail server type: IMAP or POP.

  • For this setup example, we will choose “IMAP”. Skip to step 9 for POP settings:

6. Enter the details below to proceed.
IMAP Account Settings:
  • Incoming mail
    - Server: mail.exampledomain.tld
    - Port: 993
    - Encryption method: Select SSL/TLS
  • Outgoing mail
    - Server: mail.exampledomain.tld
    - Port: 465 or 587 or 25
    - Encryption method: Select SSL/TLS


7. You will need to enter your password and click next to proceed.

8. Select Done to complete your IMAP email setup.


9. To setup your POP email account you will need to select “POP” in the menu.

10. Enter your password, and click Connect.

11. Click Done to finish your setup.

12. Since Outlook didn’t allow manual settings during setup, to check your POP settings follow the steps below.

13. Click on File.

14. Click on Account Settings.

15. Click on Repair, and then click on repair again at your Account page.

16. Click on Incoming mail and verify the POP settings. Standard settings are listed below:

- Server example (mail.exampledomain.tld)
- Incoming server - Port 995
- Check the box for encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)

17.Click on Outgoing mail and verify the POP settings. Standard settings are listed below. Click Next once complete.

- Server example (mail.exampledomain.tld)
- Port 465 or 587 or 25
- Encryption method – Auto

18. Click Done to finish.


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