•   03-17-2022 4:02 PM

We have an automated system that will block an IP address if there are multiple failed login attempts.  This is designed to prevent brute force login attempts, but can some cause you to get blocked.  It's quite easy to check if you are blocked and unblock yourself:

  • Log into our Customer Portal (secure.cyberlynk.net)
  • Choose Services/My Services
  • Click anywhere on the service (other than your domain name, that will take you to the site)
  • In the left menu, choose IP Unban Center
  • Click on the lock to the right
  • Click Check
  • If your IP is blocked, you will be able to unblock

Also, as soon as you log into the customer portal, it will check and automatically unblock you. If you were blocked, you'll be emailed that the block was removed.


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