How to schedule a backup

Lauch your Offsite BackUp Client backup01.png Click on the Schedules tab backup_sch_01.png Under the General tab choose a name, and select the backup set used in this schedule. Set password only if you have the check box next to run as local system. This is needed to login to the machine and run the backup, this is your username and password to login to your machine. It is recommended that you run the backup as a service instead of running it as the local system. If you do not check the box next to run as local system, the backup will run as a service backup_sch_02.png Under the Schedule tab, select when you would like to schedule the backup, select the start time, and select the when you would like it done. If you would like it done every day select daily, the time, and if you want it every 1 day, 2 days, etc. backup_sch_03.png Under the Other tab, do not check always perform a full backup. Once you do a full backup the backup software looks for changes in the backup set and just backs up the files that have changed. Request all other running applications to save their data is recommended that you have checked and display 15 second notice to allow cancellation of backup, this allows the user to cancel the backup if they are doing something. backup_sch_04.png Under the Advanced tab the start date should be filled in for you. Now just click on apply to schedule the backup. You have now scheduled your backup. backup_sch_05.png



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