Start the Offsite Backup Client backup_email01.png Click on Settings and then click on reports backup_email02.png 1. Check the box that says Send mail after a backup operation has completed 2. Enter in your SMTP Server Address, and SMTP Server Port 3. Check the box if you SMTP server requires authentication 4. Enter in your username and your email password, this should not be your full email address just the username. 5. In the from field you can put whatever you want 6. Put the email address you would like the email to be sent to 7. In the subject you can put whatever you want 8. You can select the radio to send email after every backup or send email only when errors or warnings occur 9. Select this checkbox if you want the backup logs sent as an attachment backup_email03.png Click on the Send Test Email button to test the email backup_email04.png You will get this message if correctly setup backup_email05.png You are now done


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